How to install and Configure ANEWish APK App (MK IPTV Pro2) on Android Device

Below are the new features of MKIPTV Pro 2 IPTV Player and Data Compressor App;
. MKIPTV Player added
. Slide letf/right channel changing
. Option for language Selection [Turkish / English]
. Quality Selection e.g 1080p / 720p / 480p / 360p / 240p / 144p
. Other bugs FIX

1. Download MK IPTV Pro 2 and install it on your android phone – Click here
[you can also download from the google play store]




1b. Goto google play store , search for >>video ultimate<< [by litter penguin], download and install it on your android mobile phone or android tables.

2. Open MKIPTVpro2 and allow it to load

3.  From the top 🔝 left 👈 corner of the app, click on menu

4. Hit on settings and scroll down to language (settings is same as #Ayarla  , while language is #Dil.



5. Choose English.

6.  Goto player and with the drop down menu select Phone Player

7. Scroll 📜 down 👇 to Quality: , and select 144p as your new video resolution [please select a higher resolution quality if you have a good connection & unlimited internet access, otherwise choose 144p]

8. Click and hit on #Kaydet, (Kaydet is same as save), an Alert pops up asking you to save new configuration. Please click OK like seen in the screenshot below.

9. Click on back 🔙 button, back is same as #Geri
10. Scroll down to the left side of the app and click on exit, a message pops up asking you to cancel settings or close. Please choose close. Close is same as #Tamam, and wait for the app to exit.



11. Start MKIPTVpro2 one more time and this time, scroll straight to #3 – online xml/m3u and hit OK

12. ANEwish IPTV Playlist appear like seen in the photo below, click OK on it.

13. Select from section of channel list as shown below , choose channel and click on it.

How to Set Default Player and  make IPTV Channel Play on Low Resolution.

NOTE:  once you click on a channel you will be ask to choose from a particular list of player that you have already installed on your device, please choose open with video ultimate and there you go…. video ultimate player is  force by mkiptvPro to play selected channel on a low resolution quality , and thereby reducing data rate to as shown in our data consumption chat down down below.

[Conditions apply / HD channels Excluded]
Enjoy live tv on ANEwish IPTV without fear of huge data consumption.
Choose whichever channel you want to watch and click OK to view.
Enjoy streaming at unprecedented speed. The rate in which channel are tune in this application is beyond reproach, data is compressed, yet video quality is maintained….. A try will convince you.
NOTE: if channels do not work or you did not see newly added features in app, please do a APP DATA RESET.

To Learn how to perform an APP Data Reset on Android Device – Click Here


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