Newest Starsat, OpenBox, SuperMax, Echolink Neosat & eSat Receiver Software.

This new firmware has several new features and improvement to offer users the best viewing on their HD satellite receivers. The firmware is designed to improve Full HD, USB Support, WiFi Support, 3G, YouTube and Internet features on these receivers. The software upgrade can either be done by USB or RS232.

    Therefore users of Star 2000 HD series and Neosat 550 HD are advices to update their digital decoders using the firmware below;

    Latest Starsat 2000 HD Hyper Receiver Software Updates

    Features of Starsat 2000 HD
    These new firmware version supports YouTube, IPTV, Weather, Google Map and Multi-Media Player for Pictures is also support supported.
    Supported Video Format: MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, VOB, TS, DAT etc
    Smart Card Supported, USB Interface for PVR, and Wi-Fi external USB Device.
    SR-2000HD_HYPER_V1.90 – HERE ( 22.04.2016 )
    SR-2000HD_HYPER_V1.92 – HERE ( 01.08.2016 )
    SR-2000HD_HYPER_V1.93 – HERE ( 06.08.2016 )
    Also ALL StarSat Firmware version and Loader from HERE



    Neosat 550 HD Firmware  |  Loader
    Some Features;
    Channel Recording to External Storage
    Devices ( USB,or Other External Memory)
    USB WiFi Support for (Ralink RT5370 chip only)
    YouTube videos (WiFi Internet connection required)
    Full HD (1080p) Output via HDMI
    MPEG-2/4 Fully DVB-S / DVB-S2 HD

    All China HD Sim Receivers, Cccam Protocol, Cline Protocol Update

    Neosat i 7500 Hyper Sim HD Receivers
    Neosat Hyper Reborn HD Receivers
    OpenBox – Genius HD Receivers
    e-Sat – 2000 Hyper HD Receivers
    OpenBox Genius Plus HD Receivers
    Super Max 3000 Hd 3G Receivers
    Neosat Hyper Reborn Sim 4K 3G
    Echolink EL-10000 HD Receivers
    Neosat i 5000 Sim HD Receivers

    All China HD Sim Receivers Update Power Vu Software

    SAT TRACK AERO PLUS HD Receivers PowerVu
    STARTREK SR-9990 MAGIC HD Receivers PowerVu
    ECHOLINK EL-860D HD Receivers PowerVu
    ECHOLINK EL-880D HD Receivers PowerVu
    ECHOLINK EL-9800 HD 3G Receivers PowerVu
    NEOSAT NS-560D HD Receivers PowerVu
    STER TRACK KST-880 HDCM Receivers PowerVu
    NAOSAT KST-660 HDCM Receivers PowerVu

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