Download Perfect Player .APK and Watch FULL ANEwish IPTV Channels

Perfect Player is our recommended app to enjoy ANe-WISH IPTV on a slow speed internet service. Perfect Player is set-top box style IPTV/Media player for watching videos on TVs, tablets and smartphones. Although, The app itself doesn’t contain any channels, you will need to manually add Playlists in Settings for this.
More so, To get the best playback experience on ANe-WISH IPTV using perfect player, you are advice to choose #software_mode in Decoder options.

NOTE. To play ANE-wish iptv with perfect player, you will need our premium account or free test account in m3u file format. If you subscribe to premium package, you will get all of these necessary tool by email. However, if you wish to have a free trial service before pay, no problem. Kindly download free test m3u file account HERE.
To Begin, Kindly Follow the instruction provided down below to setup perfect player with ANe-WISH IPTV.
* Download and install perfect player apk version HERE(Pplayer IPTV_v1.3.8_MontainBen.apk) or better via app play store.

1. Open p-player

2. Goto setting and click on General.

3. Enter the sub-menu playlist

4. Click on the folder icon, and locate to download folder e.g. {where you save your m3u account file}. Click OK on the m3u file and wait few seconds while file synchronize with perfect player.

5. Go back to the menu setting, and enter the playback sub-menu.

6. Click on “decoder” and change (native or default) to #software

7. Go back once again to main menu setting and enter ‘GUI’ sub-menu. Now, select #SKY as your new theme and hit on the back arrow.

8. Back more to main menu setting and this time, chose Advance sub-menu, confirmed that the following box are unchecked
å EPG assign mode
å Logos assign mode
å Groups management mode.

After you have confirmed all of the above, go back and allow perfect player refresh channels list.

9. Once you have the channels list display. Click on any of the channel and enjoy ANE-wish IPTV on your android phone with perfect player.




Remember, You get 100% full stability plus crystal clear picture quality when you subscribe to our premium package. e.g. on the paid version.


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