How to Quickly Unban Your Whatsapp Plus

Some people maybe experiencing some difficulties using their favorite chat application “whatsapp plus” on their various smartphones, this is because the application was recently discredited and its users banned for a specific period of time.

I was surprised when I opened my WhatsApp plus and saw a ban notice with a timer on the screen, I didn’t know why till I found it was because I was making use of an unauthorized application. So I decided to look for a faster solution to this because I couldn’t afford to stay disconnected from whatsapp for such a long period of time.

Whatsapp Plus is an application on Android that gives users options to more features, but unfortunately the application didn’t have full authorization from the original developers to edit and distribute the app so it had to be cancelled.
If you’ve been recently banned from using the application, I’m going to show you how you can unban yourself in this tutorial. Normally the WhatsApp ban is for 24 hours but I’m going to show you how to accelerate the process.
How to Unban WhatsApp Plus.
Download, unzip and install Xmodegame application HERE
Before you begin the process make sure you’ve done the following;
èRoot your Device (To learn how to root your android device, click HERE)
èSwitched off your smartphones internet data.

After the application has been successfully installed on your device, click on “More” then select Accelerator.

Now in Xmodegame, Scroll to WhatsApp and switch it on.

Close the Xmodegame application and open your banned Whatsapp Plus, you’ll now see an icon on your screen. Click on it to accelerate the timer.

That’s it. You have now been unbanned from Whatsapp +. You can now switch on your internet to continue using the application.




I would like to advice that you download the original WhatsApp application and desist from using WhatApp + to avoid being temporally or permanently banned in the future. 


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