How to Pay for TStv Subscription and Recharge Account on Quickteller

TStv Africa the new Pay Tv service succesfully launched operations in Nigeria on the 1st of October 2017. This has got many asking questions about their services, and its Decoder functions.

Not much is known for now but a few of these questions have been answered in my previous post which you can read more HERE.




In this post I will explain some quick tips about how to recharge your TSTv decoder subscription. Some questions which have been frequently asked about Tstv Subscription are;
how to recharge TStv on mobile phone
how to pay TStv online using ATM card
how to activate TStv subscription after payment
TStv payment plan
TStv subscription SMS and USSD codes

How to Pay for TSTV using Online Quickteller
TSTv has integrated the use of Quickteller payments system into its platform, therefore making it very easy for subscribers to pay and renew their subscriptions.

To Pay Your TSTV bills online using Quickteller visit 

Now select your preferred subscription plan. 

After this, you will be re-directed to a secure portal where you can make your payment.

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