Download Free BBM, www.whatsapp .jar .jad for ALL Java Phones (S40)

Good news there is now a solution for Java enabled phone (Samsung, Nokia S40 etc) users who have problems installing Blackberry messenger and Whatsapp on their phones. In this post I will be sharing some working download links to supported BBM and whatsapp messenger jar 320×240 file version for java phones. 

Some examples of Java Mobile Phones are Nokia Asha 200, 201, 202, 205, 206, 210, 300, 302, Nokia x2-01, c3 and other older nokia S40 phones. Also older mobile phones like Samsung and Blackberry.

How to download whatsapp.JAR for Java Phone.

Download whatsapp v2.2.68.jar HERE
Download HERE
Download Whatsapp.jad HERE
Download older version of Whatsapp.jar HERE
Download Whatsapp.jar HERE
How to Install whatsapp .jar jad on your java phone
Copy the 2 downloaded files to anywhere in your memory card using USB cord from a computer. Or you can download it on a friend’s phone then send it through blue tooth to your phone.




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3. Go to your memory card where you have the two files, (some times they will merge and become one) copy them to Application or Games folder in phone memory
5. Now DO NOT OPEN ANY OF THE FILES FOR NOW !!! Go to where you kept the first files and delete them.
6. Press the button that brings up OPTIONS, it is the first key by your left on Nokia Asha. See pic below:
Press the button covered by the red circle
7. Press UPDATE VERSION, the phone will now connct to internet and download the recent version.
8. When the downloading finishes, It will ask you : OPEN FILE NOW, FILE DOWNLOADED TO MY APPS. Press YES
9. You will now see the Whatsapp page come up, then you will see something like UPDATING NOTIFICATIONS ENABLER, just be patient and allow it.
10. You will now see a Whatsapp screen asking you whether you want to continue, PRESS YES and you will now be taken to another page to input your Phone number.
11. You will See 234 just put your phone number in the box without the first zero e.g my number is 0812345678, so i will put it like this 812345678. It will now start connecting and ask you that it wants to SEND VERIFICATION SMS to your number, Accept it
12. It will now ask you for NAME that people will be seeing when you are in Whatsapp. Put any name of your choice. then click Next/Continue
13. You will see something like YOU HAVE 12 MONTHS OF SERVICE, Press NEXT.
14. Whatsapp will begin setting up your favourites. Just WAIT, you will see a blue bar loading just wait. The whatsapp HOME SCREEN will now appear. That is all.
15. You can now begin using whatsapp. All your phone contacts that are on whatsapp will automatically show
Whatsapp recently announced it would be stopping its instant messaging services on some smartphones running on older OS version. Well I’m very sure that when that time comes some guru’s will find a way to sue whatsapp after June 2017. 

How to Download BBM.Jar on Java Phones

To download – BBM for Java Click Here or HERE
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