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The music industry in Nigeria has experienced a positive change over the years as the industry has produced a lot of talents who have gained international recognition from their exceptional works. Nigerian music has become very sensational; it’s something which anyone can relate to, irrespective of their age group as Music in Nigeria is a real big deal, these days almost everyone is in one way or the other involved in music.

The Nigerian Music industry has produced a lot of talents like Vocalist, Instrumentalist, Producers and more. These guys have really made all genre of Nigerian music appreciated all round the world. To many people, Nigerian Music now is recognized as the best in Africa, as most of our artist dominate in music awards hosted in the continent.

The growth of the music industry and its positive impact on the economy in Nigeria has attracted many youth into music, so I’m going to be listing the top music schools in Nigeria for those who will like to improve on the talent and maybe gain recognition from there.

List of Music Schools In Nigeria
Lani Stephens Music Institute – LSMI is a music school in Jos, Nigeria that aims at developing the musical talents in individuals of all ages by offering a special training in vocals and instrumentals. LSMI was established in 1992 at UNN, since then the academy has grown rapidly over the years. LSMI offers its certified music programmes in 3 categories; Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. The institute has well skilled and motivated instructors who are ready to assist the students in attaining success through the duration of their programmes. The music school can be contacted on the website.

MUSON – The Musical Society of Nigeria is a music institute that assists in developing the musical talents by training interested individuals. The institute is about the biggest and most popular in the country. It has various schools where they training children and members of the general public in Orchestra, Choir, Music and other instruments. It’s main aim is to prepare students for commercial success. The MUSON center is located at Marina, Onikan Lagos.
Masha Music Academy – Masha Music Academy is music school located in Lekki Phase 1 Lagos. They have experienced teachers who give lessons on music instruments like piano, guitar, violin, flutes and lots more they also help on vocal training and deliver private lessons depending on their customer requests.  Masha Music Academy also has special training for individuals with physical challenges. The academy also coaches its students for the practical exams of the Associated Board of Royal Music Schools and Music Society of Nigeria. You can contact the academy on the website.

Stringfield Music Academy – This institute solely operates in the use of musical instruments and vocals. Stringfield Music Academy is located in Benin, Edo State. The coaching fees are quite affordable and are appreciated by all students. You can contact on the website

Tenstrings Music Institute – Tenstrings Music Institute offer training on music instruments, voice and audio training. The school has recently trained over 2000 students, The institute’s curriculum is based on recent developments and foreign practices in the music industry and all this is done with their world class facilities and qualified musical instructors. Tenstrings Music Institute can be contacted on the website .

Strauss School of Music – Strauss is a school of music and dance in Abuja, Nigeria. The academy uses its affiliation with the University of West London to award Diploma in music as students who enroll take qualifications exams from the London College of music. They also offer full-time & part-time training on Dance and Music. You can contact Strauss School of Music on the website

Lee Music School – if you are looking to perfect your skills with various musical instruments, the institute are dedicated to that.  Lee Music School offers practical lesson to both adults and children. Their qualified music instructors can teach learners how to read music notes, train on sound, vocal lessons and more. You can contact Lee Music School 0813 291 8691









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