How to Trade BBN Coin on Boonbuy Network

New Quick Method to Activate a Boonbuy Account via BBN Coin

Funders can trade BBN Coin safely by simply following the steps below,

1. Get the username of the receiver (You must be sure of the recipient’s username)



2. Login into your Boonbuy account
3. Go to Dashboard and Transfer the BBNCoin to Trading Wallet.
4. Go to Transaction > Transfer BBN Coin
5. Enter the following
 i. Name OF Recipient
ii. Amount
iii. Enter Security PIN
6. Click Submit

Note – When sending BBNcoin to another Funder in a trade, the BBNcoin goes into an escrow account, where both sender and receiver do not have access to the BBNcoin until the sender confirms that the Naira value has been received for the BBNcoins, and thereafter clicks on “Confirm” button to release the BBNcoins and complete the transaction.

The BBNCoin will now be visible in your trading wallet.

Funders can purchase BBN Coin for activation from their uplines or from the market place. New Funders who register as my downlines can also contact me for BBN Coin by messaging BUKAS in the “Boonbuy market place”, Join the Telegram Group HERE or Leaving a comment below.






Note: 1 BBNcoin = N0.95

To Register a Boonbuy Account – Click Here

To learn about Boonbuy and its investment plans – Click Here

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How to Trade BBN Coin on Boonbuy Network
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