EBOLA: Nigerians are Now More Careful & Hygienic

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Have you noticed the way people are more concerned about hygiene? It is no secret that ever since the recent cases of ebola virus disease in the country, the level of hygiene has increased in Nigeria.

Most people now sanitize their hands more frequently by washing or by using hand sanitizers. This act is now so common even little kids are now aware and have been thought by adults to always do the same.

Hygiene in Nigerian School
The Federal government decided to postpone the resumption of primary and secondary schools to help control the spread of the EVD in Nigeria, the schools were set to resume on the 22nd of September but were told to remain shut till October.

 There were mixed reactions towards this decision as many felt the decision was un-necessary. So the question is, Was the government right to keep the schools shut?.

Many private primary and secondary schools claimed to be more aware and enlightened about the necessary prevention measures to be taken, so therefore they should be allowed to resume. However, on 22nd of October some schools still opened for resumption, but the turn out was very low.

 Hygiene in Homes, Work Places and Even Churches
Hand Sanitizer can now be seen in homes & work places. In cases whereby sanitizers are not available or have been finished, some organization make it compulsory for every individual to wash his/her hands before gaining entrance to the premises. The level of awareness has rapidly increased over the months. People are now more hygienic.

Personally, I know of someone who had his home fumigated because of the kind of disease rodents carry. There was a reported case of Ebola in a health clinic, but after the patient had undergone some series of tests, it was discovered to be Lassa fever not EVD. The hospital made it known that the early symptoms of both disease are similar.

All this have made people to now take environmental sanitization very serious. During the last environmental sanitization some youths decided to clear the gutters and drainage rather play ball on street like they usually do.

Even in our markets, many traders now take the environmental clean-up on Thursdays very seriously. Shop owners and petty traders now clean their environment thoroughly not just to avoid high fine by the local task force but for their own safety.

They Ebola virus has really made Nigerian more conscious about hygiene in our everyday activity. Even in churches, people put their faith aside and decide to keep their hands to themselves as he catholic churches in Nigeria now stopped the act whereby worshippers offer each other the peace of the lord. As amusing as it may sound, I think it’s for the best.

It’s really amazing how the fear of the disease has increased the level of hygiene in the country today and I hope I stays this ways even after EVD is fully eradicated from the country.
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