How to Apply for NIIT 2017 digiNxt Scholarship Programme.

The NIIT 2017 scholarship is here again. Graduates and Non- Graduates can now apply and study any of NIIT Futuristic Digital Transformation-digiNxt cutting-edge Programs at any of the NIIT training centres in Nigeria.



What are the list of programmes offered in NIIT 2017 Scholarship?
NIIT will now offer scholarships in programs like DigiNxt MMS, Big Data, Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps, Digital Marketing apart from Revolutionary MMS and other program.

Below are the list available IT programmes,
1. digiNxt- MMS (Software Engineering) – Intensive 1- 2 ½ year
program aimed at creating software engineering professionals. Builds
specific skillset by specilization on Digital Transformation program.
2. digiNxt- Big Data Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation – Big Data is high volume, high velocity information to process to enable enhanced decision making. It consist of Hadoop, Zookeeper, Hbase, Hive, Storm Distributed Live Computing and Sqoop.
3. digiNxt- Java Enterprise Apps with DevOps Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation – Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps is a versatile technology platform that is used to develop apps for different types of devices.
4. digiNxt- Digital Marketing; Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation – Digital Marketing helps learners to understand how to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
5. Financial Accounting Course Tally.ERP9 Tally – ERP 9 is a complete business management solution for maintaining account and other analytical operations helpful in the management of an organization.
How can I apply for NIIT 2017 digiNxt Scholarship?




To apply for the scholarship and get full details of the screen requirements and venues – Click HERE(NIIT Nigeria Website)

When is the Deadline
Application deadline its 14th July 2017

When is the date of NIIT 2017 Scholarship.
The aptitude test hold nationwide on the 15th of July 2017


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