Land Locations for Sale in Lekki Axis & Documents You Must Own After Purchase

There are countless promos on land purchase around Lekki area of Lagos that are currently ongoing, this is because Lekki Ibeju and other neighboring communities are one of the fastest developing locations in Lagos.


Below are some reason why you should invest in Lekki Axis;

1. Lekki is situated by the Sea coast of and enjoys the BEST Ventilated Environment in Lagos.

2. Lekki has resort centers like the Eko tourist resort and La Campagne Tropicana beach resort

3. Lekki has great Tourist Attractions such as: Beaches (Lekki Beach, Eleko Beach etc) .

4. Lekki has a Federal High way Road that links outside Lagos to other State.

5. Lekki is the only City in Nigeria with Toll Gates (Security Support).

6. Lekki has the Highest Number of Estates in Lagos and Properties for Sale.

7. Lekki has Planned International Airport and International FREE Trade Zone etc

8. Lekki have Planned Road Maps and other Basic Amenities for future development.






9. Many proposed mega international projects ongoing such as Dangote Refinary, Oil Tankfarms, Seaport, etc.

This post will help explain some of the locations you can buy a land in Lekki and the documents required to show complete proof of ownership.

Most Preffered Locations to Buy Lands in Lekki
1. The Oakwood Gardens Estate Phase II, Ibeju, Lekki, Lagos
2. Femab Estate, Ogidan, Lekki, Lagos
3. West Point Gardens, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
4. Rehoboth Park & Gardens Phase 2, Ibeju, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
5. Beechwood Estate, KM 35, Lekki/Epe Expressway, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
6. Ikate, Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos
7. Igbo Efun, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
8. Ocean Glory Estate Phase 2, Ibeju, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
9. Chevy View Estate, Chevron, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
10. Bethel Court, Lekki, Lekki, Lagos
11. Pinnock Beach Estate, Osapa, Lekki, Lagos
12. Richland Gardens, Bogije, Lekki Expressway, Lekki, Lagos
13. Cowrie Creek Estate, By Nlng, Off Spar Road, Lekki, Lagos
14. SunnyLand Court Off Cherry Wood Drive, Vafiero Road, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lekki, Lagos
15. Lush Garden Estate, Oke Baale Along Lekki Epe Expressway Lagos, Lekki
16. Nevada Gardens Estate, Lekki Free Trade Zone
17. Bricks and Bars Estate in IBEJU Lekki
18. LAGOON COURTS ESTATE, Ibeju Agbe town, Lekki Ibeju
19. LEKKI ROSE GARDEN, Osokoro, Ibeju-Lekki
20. ARIUM ESTATE ABIJO, GRA Ajah Lekki Lagos.
Land Documents to Secure Your Property
1. SURVEY PLAN – A Survey plan is a document that measures the boundary of a parcel of land to give an accurate measurement and description of that land.
A survey plan must contain the following information:
* The name of the owner of the land surveyed
* The Address or description of the land surveyed
* The size of the land surveyed
* The drawn out portion of the land survey and mapped out on the survey plan document
* The beacon number
* The surveyor who drew up the survey plan and the date it was drawn up
* A stamp showing the land is either free from Government acquisition or not secure your Property in Ibeju Lekki Lagos Nigeria
A Deed of Assignment is an Agreement between the Seller of a Land or Property and a Buyer of that Land or property showing evidence that the Seller has transferred all his rights, his title, his interest and ownership of that land to that the Seller that has just bought land.

it has to be recorded in the land registry to show legal proof that the land has exchanged hands and the public should be aware of the transaction. Such recorded Deed of Assignment comes in the form of either a Governor’s Consent or Registered Conveyance.
3. EXCISION: Land Use Decree on the 28th of March, 1978 that vested all lands in every state of the Federation under the control of the State Governors. The Land Use Act coupled with other laws made it possible for the Governor who was now the owner of all lands in the state to actually have the power to acquire more lands compulsorily for its own public purpose to provide amenities for the greater good of the citizens.

Fortunately, the government recognizes that indigenous of different sections of the country have a right to existence . . . a right to the land of their birth. Hence, it is customary for state government to cede a portion of land to the original owners (natives) of each area.

An Excision means basically taking apart from a whole and that part that has been excised will be recorded and documented in the official government gazette of that state. In other words, not having an excision means the land could be seized by the Government anytime without compensating you even if you bought it “Legitimately” from the Baale (Village King) or the Original dwellers on the land.

4. GAZETTE : A Gazette is an Official record book where all special government details are spelt out, detailed and recorded. A gazette will show the communities or villages that have been granted excision and the number of acres or hectares of land that the government has given to them. It is within those excised acres or hectares that the traditional family is entitled to sell its lands to the public and not anything outside those hectares of land given or excised to them.

A Gazette is a very powerful instrument the community owns and can replace a Certificate of Occupancy to grant title to the Villagers. A community owning a gazette can only sell lands to an individual within those lands that have been excised to them and the community or family head of that land has the right to sign your documents for you if you purchase lands within those excised acres or hectares of land. If the government based on some reasons best known to them decides to revoke or acquire your land, you will be entitled to compensation as long as it’s within the Excised lands given to that community.

The best way to know whether a land is under acquisition or has an excision that has been covered by a Gazette is to get a surveyor to chart the site and take it to the surveyor general’s office to do a land information to confirm whether it falls within the gazette and spell out which particular location it can be found.
CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY: A Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) issued by the Lagos State Government officially leases Lagos land to you, the applicant, for 99 yrs. As already indicated above, all lands belong to the Government.

A C of O however is the officially recognized Document for demonstrating Right to a Land. What happens after 99 years? That question is still subject of debate among experts. Most have adopted a wait-and-see attitude. Others postulate that as the new owner of the land, you the buyer can renew the certificate of occupancy when it expires. That makes sense, but for now is largely a case of “We shall see when we get there”.
GOVERNOR CONSENT: The first person on a Virgin Land that has neither been occupied neither by another person nor under acquisition by the Government is entitled to get a Certificate of Occupancy on that land.

If that person with the C of O decides to sell his land to another person after so many years, that person must now obtain the Consent of the Governor before that transaction can be deemed legal in the eyes of the Government. If the new buyer now decides to sell the land again to a third owner in future, that Third owner must also obtain a new Consent of the Governor before that transaction can be deemed legal in the eyes of the Government and the process continues every time the property changes hands to a new buyer.

An advantage of having a Governor’s consent is that you can transfer your land to another person without going to the Omoniles (Land Owners) or Family Baale to sign your deed and Form 1c which are compulsory requirements needed before you can process Governors consent. 

The Omoniles (Land Owners) pray seriously for the Owner not to have a Governors consent so that they can make a lot of money running into their Thousands whenever the Owner require the signatures of the family to start the Governors consent.


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