MVRD: How to Login and Verify Lagos Number Plate

The Lagos State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency has recently launched online platform to ensure fraud-free motor vehicle registration and documentation in Lagos. This post will be provided answers to some FAQs to assist residents.

How can I access MVRD Seach Portal?
The Motor Vehicle Registration Details (MVRD) Search Portal can be accessed on

Then enter your number plate to verify the authenticity.

NOTE: Plate number should be written without spaces and other symbols and also it is not case sensitive. Example is “EX659APP” or “ex659app”

What is the cost of getting a Driver’s License in Nigeria?
The official rate for obtaining a 3-year drivers’ license is N6,000 while the cost for obtaining the other with 5-year life span is N10,000.

How many Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA)  centers are available in Lagos?
They are 98 Motor Vehicle Registration Centres across the 20 Local Governments and 37 Local Council Development Areas of the State to cope with vehicle registration issues.




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