Best Selling Smart Phones in Nigeria – 2014

Nigeria has the fastest growing mobile markets in the Africa today a lot of foreign mobile brands make their way into the Nigerian market every quarter of the year and are very appreciated by customers. The most popular brands currently are Nokia, Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry, Samsung and HTC and Tecno. 

The mobile phones produced by these brands are in high demand in the Nigerian market. So today, I will be listing this year’s best selling smartphones in the market. This list is based of my own opinion from the research I did.

Nokia XL: – This is one of the best selling mobile phone in the market today. It was first introduced sometime in the second quarter of the year. Nokia XL is a Dual Sim phone with an Android Operating System. It also has so many fascinating features, but my favorite is the Face detection. Nokia XL comes with an internal 4GB memory and a 5 mega pixel camera. It’s also a very durable smartphone smart. No wonder its one of the best selling some today. See Photo Here




Nokia XL Price: N25, 000 – N27, 000
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Blackberry Q10: – Research in Motion just keeps rolling out new models of blackberry each quarter of the years. The Blackberry Q1O was officially released in the second quarter of 2013 and has still been in high demand. Though I don’t own one but according to what I here, it’s said to be a very cool device. It’s a 4G device with 16GB internal memory storage. Blackberry Q1O runs on OS10 and has an 8 mega pixel camera which supports geo-tagging. See Photo Here



Blackberry Q10 Price: N48,500– N50, 000
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Nokia Lumia 630:- To me the most interesting thing about Nokia Lumia phones is the fact that they all run on Windows Phone operating system. A series of mobile phones with windows 8 interface, it’s just awesome. Nokia Lumia 630 has a modem speed of 21Mbps; therefore it will be very good for browsing and downloading. Its also has an 8GB internal memory storage and a 5 mega pixel camera. See Photo Here

Nokia Lumia Price: N27, 000 – N28, 000
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Tecno H7: – This is a very cool and affordable smartphone with an elegant design. It was recently introduced to the market some months ago. The tecno H7 runs on Jelly Bean Android Operating system and has a 1GHz Quad-core processor. It is also a Dual Sim phone and has a 2 mega pixel camera. See Photo Here 

Tecno H7 Price: N28, 000 – N29, 000
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Iphone 5S:- Iphone 5s is a very sophisticated high-end smart phone. The iphone 5s has some loads of exciting features like SIRI, face detection, digital image stabilization and GPS navigation. It’s well optimized operating system and super fast processor allows you to carry out different task simultaneously and efficiently. See Photo Here

iPhone 5S Price: N113, 000 – N114, 000
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Samsung Galaxy S4:- Samsung phones are really hot in the market today. Most especially their galaxy series, but I’m adding this device to my list because it stayed for a while on the “Top Selling” charts of online retail stores in Nigeria. It is a 5 inch slick and stylish smart phone which has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, High Definition video quality and therefore supports 3D gaming. See Photo Here

Samsung Galaxy Price: N68, 000 – N70, 000
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      TECNO F6 ₦29,500.00
      TECNO H3 ₦12,500.00
      Tecno H5 ₦14,500.00
      Tecno H7 ₦29,500.00
      Tecno M3 ₦12,000.00
      TECNO M7 ₦23,500.00
      Tecno P5 ₦17,500.00
      Tecno Phantom A III (Three) ₦45,500.00
      Tecno Phantom PAD mini (P9) ₦29,000.00
      TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9) ₦35,000.00
      TECNO Phantom Z ₦59,000.00
      TECNO R7 ₦41,000.00
      Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini ₦38,000.00
      (INFINIX PRICE LIST) Infinix Hot 2 X510 (2GB RAM) :#27,350
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      Infinix Zero 2 : #42,000 Infinix Note2 :#39,500
      Infinix Zero 3 :#58,000
      Infinix Hot 3 :#33,000
      Infinix Hot S : #45,000
      (NOKIA PRODUCT)………………….Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM : #47,500
      Nokia Lumia 620 : #26,000
      Nokia X2 (Android) ; #20,000
      Nokia Lumia 925 : #59,000
      Nokia Lumia 920 : #40,000
      Nokia Lumia 820 : #23,000
      Nokia Lumia 520 : #19,500
      Microsoft Epix Mega Two Tab : #48,000
      Microsoft Lumia 625 : #23,500
      Microsoft Lumia 1030 : #84,000
      Nokia Lumia 640 XL : #36,000
      Nokia Lumia 1320 : #38,000
      Nokia Lumia 540 : #27,000
      Nokia 105 Dual Sim ; #5,000
      Nokia 220 : #11,000
      Nokia 130 : #6,000
      Nokia 215 : #8,000,
      Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +: ₦225,000
      Samsung Galaxy Note 5: ₦195,000
      Samsung Galaxy J5: ₦52,000
      Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦113,000
      Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: ₦232,000
      Samsung Galaxy S7: ₦196,000
      Samsung Galaxy A7: ₦130,000
      Samsung Galaxy A8: ₦142,000
      Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: ₦164,500
      Samsung E2222: ₦7,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦68,500.00
      Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313): ₦23,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850 + Free Wrist watch, Power Bank and T-shirt (Limited
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      Samsung Galaxy Core: ₦26,500.00
      Samsung Galaxy Core II (G355): ₦25,000.00
      SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE PRIME G360: ₦28,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy Gear Two: ₦50,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: ₦45,500.00
      Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo: ₦35,500.00
      Samsung Galaxy K zoom ₦74,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB) ₦95,000.00
      SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 2014 EDITION 32GB ₦108,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ₦136,000.00
      Samsung Galaxy Note3 ₦91,000.00
      HTC One M9: ₦140,000
      HTC One A9: ₦139,000
      HTC Desire 820: ₦86,000
      HTC One M8: ₦92,500
      HTC One M8 Eye: ₦112,000
      HTC Desire 626G+: ₦52,500
      HTC Desire Eye E1: ₦105,000
      HTC One M9 Plus: ₦131,000
      HTC One M7 Gold ₦73,000.00
      HTC One M7 Single SIM Blk & Slv ₦70,000.00
      HTC One Gold (32GB) ₦79,000.00
      HTC One M7 -Dual SIM ₦73,000.00
      HTC One E8 Single ₦80,000.00
      HTC One E8 Dual ₦82,000.00
      HTC One (M8) Gold ₦103,600.00
      HTC Desire 816 Dual ₦58,000.00
      HTC Desire 616 ₦42,500.00
      HTC Desire 610 ₦45,000.00
      HTC Desire 600 Dual ₦56,000.00
      HTC Desire 300 ₦29,000.00
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