• Houdegbe North American University Benin(HNAUB) Accreditation Saga.

    Last updated on June 23rd, 2018

    by @NWDK_III

    For some years now a debate has been going on concerning the accreditation of Houdegbe North American University. Many have debated in forums, the internet and social media has been buzzing and news papers have been carrying all sorts rumours  many of which people believe are sponsored by some private institutions in Nigeria. Houdegbe North American University enrolls a large number of students three times a year (1ST semester November,  2nd Semester March and Summer Semester August), thereby taking students from the private universities in Nigeria.

    In august 2013, an article was published by a popular newspaper in Nigeria, insinuating that thousands of Nigerians are chasing worthless degrees in universities in Benin Republic.
     This caused a serious scare as many students have gone as far as sending mails to NUC in order to get information. I’m going to try and help clear the air a bit,  for the sake of all students out there who are in the dark and are desperately seeking information about the institution.

    Lets look at the following:-
    • Hnaub’s Accreditation                               

    This institution was established in 1992 as College Preparatory International HOUDEGBE. In 1995, the Ministry of Higher Education of Benin Republic granted Accreditation as a private higher institution for Association Degree Programs. Most of those graduates are employed all over West and Central African countries while many have found their ways into various institutions in Europe, the United States and Canada.

    • HNAUB on NUC’s blacklist

    NUC listed Houdegbe North American University campus in Nigeria (not in the Republic of Benin) as an unaccredited institution some time ago; there may have existed some satellite campus of Houdegbe North American University in some parts of Nigeria, the school however denied this. It may then be the work of fraudsters looking to dupe student who are desperately seeking admission.

    Moving on. . . .
    • Newspapers Tarnishing the Schools Image

    Some time in the month of August 2013 an article was released claiming that HNAUB was excluded from the list of the 30 approved private tertiary institutions made available to ‘Travels’ by Nigerian Embassy Cotonou. This caused serious panic to the Students of the schools and concerned parents/guardians whose kids are enrolled in the school. This isn’t the first time such a thing has been said about the school. 

    This has been going on for years now, but yet each year, the schools population keeps increasing. And all its graduates from Nigeria go for their mandatory 1 year NYSC in various parts of Nigeria and are employed all over West and Central African countries while many have found their ways into various institutions in Europe, the United States and Canada.

    So i’ll let you be the judge. Moving On . . .
    • HNAUB Students Reaction

    Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook where buzzing about the matter. The students of Houdegbe North American University gave the author(s) of the article a piece their minds. Stating how ridiculous their claims were and letting them know that no matter how they keep trying to give the school a bad name, it just wouldn’t work. 

    According to the student, of all that was said, the most annoying was the fact that they said the schools population was as a result of the students inability to scale the JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) Examination. Forgetting that at the time the article was published,  State and Federal institution in the Nigeria were on strike, how this factor was excluded, I don’t know. Leading the students to believe it was sponsored by competitors.

    • ASUU and FG Face-Off

    Many Nigerian students choose to study abroad in other to graduate on time. As many can’t cope with strike and other factors that hinder the educational system in the country.  We aren’t getting any younger, imagine after scaling the hurdles of WAEC and JAMB to now spend 8 years for a 4 years course due to strike. That’s just wrong. Age is a major factor in the labour market.

    As at the time of writing this post, Nigerian Universities are still on strike for almost 100 days now, I want to appeal to FG to come to an agreement with ASUU and let our future leaders go back to school.
    So there you have it. If you are still doubting the accreditation of the school, I advice you visit the institution, Houdegbe North American University, PK 10 Houdegbe, Route de Porto Novo in the Republic of Benin to get the answers you seek. Thank You!

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