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  1. If i provide help (PH) & my interest is paid to me at the end of the month, do i need to PH in the second month before interest is paid to me for the second month? (2) After becoming a member and have provided the first help, can i be called anytime to PH, what is liability if i am unable to meet such request.

  2. No wonder you are computer guru because i was wondering for all your responses, i was thinking you are one of those organizing committee, guy you are good, keep it up! but i want to be a member of mmm so that i can meet up with my pressing needs. Pls can someone have access to you so that i don't fumble in doing the regisration also i want to use you as my referral. rpl pls thank you or send the reply to my email address:sdania800@yahoo.com

  3. hello,pls i provided help since two days now she is yet to confirm me.and d number she used as contact is not goin thru.what do i do?

  4. Please I have been confirmed since Tuesday but no one has been marge to pay me and my sister's account was deactivated of which she tried to reactivate today but couldn't but someone later called her that she's to pay him when she tried to login inother to confirm if its true she still got the same thing which the person had to copy the information and sent to her through whatsap. Please what's she to do about that?


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