RCCG Fasting 2018 – Day 10 Prayer Points (HARVEST OF MIRACLES)

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Matt 8:16; Heb 11:1

• Pray there shall be harvest of miracles for you and all yours this year.

• Pray that there shall be harvest of Miracles at every sphere of your lives this year.

• Father!!! By the power in Your Word through Daddy GO and in all ministrations let there be signs, wonders and harvest of souls.

• Any decree to cause satanic road-block in my way of breakthrough, be scattered by fire.

• Arise O Lord and save sinners, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed, set the captives free and destroy all yokes by the anointing Isa 10:27

• God of Hannah arise and fight for those that are called barren in this year I Sam 1:1 – 28

• Before this year runs out, let every barren come back rejoicing with singing 1 Sam. 2:1 –11

• Pray that the word of God will come with power and prick the heart of sinners around us unto repentance Act2:37

• Father!!! Every power sabotaging my comprehensive miracles of victory, stumble, fall and die now!!!!!!

• Let us come against every spirit of distractions that divert people attention away from the point of blessings.

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