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Swampool is a new online donation exchange community that claims to offer 100% profit in 14days or less. This new peer to peer platform uses a 2:1 matrix and its payment system is in Naira.

This fast growing community claims to have over 50,000 active participants who are investing in their plans, which are;
1. Basic – 5,000 to get N10,000
2. Standard – N10, 000 to get N20,000
3. Bronze – N20,000 to get N40,000
4. Silver – N50,000 to get N100,000

Participants who have benefited from this platform often share their testimonies on

There is no telling how sustainable this Ponzi scheme might be because we have seen over a hundred promising Ponzi Schemes come and go. Therefore I advise you invest wisely.

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