July 26th is NYSC 2017 Batch A Stream 2 Camp Date. Login Portal.NYSC.org.ng to Print Call Up Letter Now

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Update 18th July: Good news! The date of stream II has been announced officially. The 2017 'A' Stream II Orientation Course will run from Wed. 26th July -Tue.15th August, 2017.

The Online printing of callup letters for the 2017 Batch A Stream II PCMs starts on the Friday, 21st July 2017

Congrats, now you are ready to serve your nation. Good luck.


1. Go to NYSC portal at http://portal.nysc.org.ng
2. Login with your registered email and password.

3. Click on ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link to access and print your call-up letter.

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The NYSC management has released the Mobilization Timetable for 2017 Batch A prospective corp members.

Below is a screenshot of the timetable;


  1. Thanks Ebuka for the very important information. Please I need to know your source for verification. A link may be helpful.

    1. K , the information was gotten from a letter that is currently circulating online. See the screenshot HERE

  2. Yes please what is your source and how accurate is it because this is the only post I've seen that cites 3rd may

  3. I guess Only time will tell.


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