Reminder: Inactive Accounts on MMM will be Automatically Deleted after 3 months.

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Just in case you have forgotten, there is a rule in MMM that states that accounts without any active PH or GH order for 3 months will be automatically deleted from the system not Blocked. Blocked account can be re-activated, but deleted accounts are gone forever. Therefore you may need to PH, no matter how small.

Below are some latest update on MMM Nigeria;

1. Participants will soon be able to get one tenth of any amount they PH. That is if you PH 20,000, you can GH N200,000.

2. Promo task results are to be published this week

3. SMS notification will get to everyone by next week.

4. Funds for event will be released next week.

5. About half of December fake POP has been taken care of and more will be sorted this week.

MMM Nigeria urges participants to support the system by performing the promo task on their PO.

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  1. Sagius Mavrodis killed MMM when he announced the one month frozen of accounts of Nigerians' hard earned money even though people were much willing to ph and gh without complain. Even after the one month frozen of account people thougth that the activities of MMM would continue but only for him to come up with site update something the would have finished during the one month account frozen. As if that was not enough he further sterily matched the optimistic people who had heavily pledged to ph during his so called bonanza which I was inclusive finally he delivered the last blow to MMM by restricting everybody from gh of his/her long awaited confirmed money.MMMMMMMMMMM should go to hell for all I care for.


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