How to Login – Register Account MMM ICO & Buy MAVRO Token

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The MMM Mavro Presale will be starting in less than 30 days. MMM claims this is going to be the future of MLM as it is the launch of their own crypto-currency on Blockchain, which they described as the "first decentralized and absolutely transparent platform for Multi Level Marketing structures based on Blockchain Ethereum".

    What is Mavro

    Mavro is a new decentralized system that can help MLM (Multilevel Marketing) network members optimize sales, pay and pay royalties instantly, without commissions and bureaucratic delays.
    This solution is based on Blockchain Ethereum, which is almost impossible to destroy.
    The team working on the project MAVRO, is one of the best in the industry. Since 2011, they are developing projects that revolve around crypto-currencies.

    MAVRO, as a project, has two main objectives:
    - eliminate regulatory bodies in the global sense of the word;
    - increase the transparency of transactions between operators and users, thereby reducing the risk of human errors. All financial flows will be fully distributed among all project participants.

    MAVRO, in addition to decentralization, will be 100% transparent and safe, as its system relies on blocking technology. More specifically, MAVRO will work on Ethereum. This means that new, innovative blocking technologies will be fully integrated with the MLM industry.

    What is MMM Mavro ICO

    ICO is the realization of a crowdfinding model, where participants finance the development of the company now in order to benefit from it in the future.
    By issuing its own crypto currency and exchanging it for one of the common crypto-currencies (Bitcoin / Ethereum) or even for real currencies (dollar, euro), the project can secure the financing necessary for launch or development. Issuing a digital currency for the project, you can accelerate the development of the project itself (as the introduction of money in ancient times increased trade turnover) and thus solve the problem of future monetization of the project.

    How to Sign Up for MMM Mavro Pre-ICO

    To create an MMM Mavro ICO account visit -

    How to buy MAVRO Coin

    Purchasing of mmm mavro tokens can be done using ethereum and bitcoin only and it is done on the MMM Mavro website –




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