What You Must Know About The New GHW Exclusive Platform

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We all know that for some weeks now, Get Help Worldwide has been experiencing some issues with PH and GH. Well, according to the update published on members PO, this is due to fraudulent activities by some competitors who have been trying so hard to sabotage the platform. See screenshots below;

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Some other problems saboteurs has caused in GHW are;

1. Surge of fake POP increased by over 800%
2. Invalid profile details (email, phone, bank accounts & bitcoin)
3. Registration of bogus accounts and PHing on them
4. Embarking on social media smear campaign claiming GHW is about to crash
5. Panicking members drowning the ticket support staff with the tickets

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However, to ensure the continuous growth of the system, the Get Help Worldwide  team has implemented new safety measures/precautions that will prevent competitors and fraudulent participants from wrecking the community by creating a new portal design which it calls GHW Xclusive, with the following features deeply embedded;

1. Enforced email validation (No PH/GH without this).

2. One account , One Phone Number (members will be assigned to call a number to confirm ownership) , NO PH/GH without a confirmed number.

3. Ability to migrate all your pending GH into the new system

4. Unique account number per GHW account

5. 10% Matching of every PH IMMEDIATELY its registered to another member. Your PH will not be activated until this is confirmed. This will help us weed out the unserious ones and drastically reduce FakePOP.

6. Defaulting in Xclusive will completely WIPE OUT your migrated GH amount moved from the older platform. Other severe penalties inclusive.

7. Direct access to your referrer contact details, to answer all your support tickets, also a group administrator to report your referrer misconducts, this will reduce load our support team and speed up issues resolution

8. Introduction of ePIN , a 4-digit PIN known only to you, to be used in bank account, bitcoin address modifications

10. Launch of a GHW Forum for all members to communicate and interact with each other.

11. Credibility Score will now be used to determine bonus percentage (e.g. 30%, 40%, …5% , etc) 

The new GHW Xclusive Portal is scheduled to launch on 20th March 2017

Long Live GHW😊


  1. Defaulting in Xclusive will completely WIPE OUT your migrated GH amount moved from the older platform. Other severe penalties inclusive. Please i need more explanation about this statement, those that mean after migrating pending GH to the new platform, you have to PH before getting the pending GH.

    1. Not at all... You can don't need to PH before you can GH, what that statement means is that if you PH on the new platform and you fail to honor it, then your account will be wiped.. As simple as that... There are some people who PH even though they have a GH that is not yet matured, so it's talking about people like that..

    2. Can we login to the new platform now?

    3. Hello sir i tried to log in to GHW exclusive Whit my mail on GHW community, please i want to know . am i to re-register with the same email or I'll automatically be registered by support team to GHW exclusive?

    4. Collins, Read the post carefully and follow the instructions.

  2. can we log in to the new platform now?

  3. pls how can i migrate to the new ghw exclusive?

  4. Good morning Sir. Please how can old members use the new exclusive platform because my old login details could not access my account any more. What should I do?

  5. please what's the website of the GHW Xclusive?

  6. Good day. Pls how do I migrate into this exclusive.

  7. please how can i migrate to the new ghw exclusive account

  8. Pls i need ghw telegram link to join and a whatsapp group link to join. Thanks 07068691115

  9. Hello everyone, to fix all Phone Verification, Account Reactivation, Email Issues, GH & PH Matching problems on GHW Xclusive- Click Here

  10. Enter your comment...I provided help since last year December and I didn't get any help, up to today I still provide another help in February and I didn't get any help up to today
    When that one matured I tried to request for help but the system is showing me (DONATION REQUIRED)
    And I was advised to migrate to the new portal xclusive ghww
    And I migrated
    And I still provide another help up to today I have not received any help at all
    Plus all my outstanding gh
    And I have many outstanding get help on old portal but I didn't see them in my new platform
    And really disappointed and sad 😔 😞

  11. Has ghwx crashed i can't login since yesterday

  12. so when is ghwx coming back online?


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