About Account Migration, Pending & Unmatched GH in Get Help Worldwide Xclusive.

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Hello, Fellow GHW Xclusive Participants, I know some of the questions on everyone’s minds are;

1. How can I transfer my information from the previous site to the new site.
Solution - A full guide will be explained in this post

2. How can I solve my Pending Unmatched GH and pending Unrematched GH issues?. 
Solution - Currently, only the outstanding matured GH can be migrated to GHW Xclusive. Wait for your PH to mature, Redeem it on the old platform and then it can be migrated.

3.  Will the Accounts blocked on old platform be unblocked after participants move.

4. Will I need to PH before I GH in the new Get help worldwide Xclusive Site.
Solution - Yes

5. Can i login to the new GHW Xclusive site with my Old Login Details?. Solution - NO!, Old Accounts will not work directly in Xclusive, Please create a new account. 

How to Migrate Successfully to Xclusive.gethelpworldwide.com

1.  Visit the New Site  - Click Here.

2. Click Create Account.

3. Fill in your registration details (using same email as your old account) *Use Datbeninboy@gmail.com as Referral Email.

4. Click Sign Up.

5. Go to your mail and Activate. (Also Check SPAM Folders)

6. Now Login to your account and click Migration.

7. Click Link Account.

8. Click next and enter  details of your old account.

9. Click next and submit request.

10. Click Link Account, Click Next, Copy the code sent to your email & paste it.

11. Click Next and  all your outstanding GH and PH will appear for you to review.

Please wait for the system message signifying a success or migration failure.

If you have Migrated successfully, you will find your Pending GH under "Receive Help" click on "Outstanding GH"

Click My Account
Click on Change/Set E-pin
Click the Next Button
Enter your pin carefully (DON’T EVER FORGET IT)

How to add Bank Details
Click on Register Bank Account or Register Bitcoin
Click Next
Enter Details carefully
Then Submit

I want to assure everyone that very soon all this questions will be answered by the GHW X admins. In a couple of hours, the admins will display updates on our dashboard regarding the questions above.

While we wait, I advice we keep on participating in the GHW X forum – To Register and Login Click Here


  1. i cant find my pending GH on the new portal

    1. If you've successfully migrated, you will see it under "Receive Help", >> "outstanding GH"

    2. Have been trying to contact support the person i paid to, did not confirm the money till after confirmation date expired which made them to block my account but he has called me to say he saw the money how can i resolve these

    3. And am worried they may pair him up with another after collecting money from another

  2. i have migrated successfully,pls when will matching start

  3. I have registered to migrate but no massage on my mail box

  4. Pls how can I correct the mistake in my old email address so dat i can receive the code to migrate successfully.

  5. please i used new email to create new account but i have not receive any verification code from my old email... please i need help so that i can migrate the account quickly...thanks

  6. Hello everyone, to fix all Phone Verification, Account Reactivation, Email Issues, GH & PH Matching problems on GHW Xclusive- Click Here


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