How to Verify Your Mobile Number in GHW Xclusive Portal

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The Phone Verification Process will commence today, and every member is expected to participate actively to gain Credibility Score (Did you know you can sell your CS for money during GH?   Details coming soon).

The process for verification is simple.

The Phone verification proceed has been changed. The system now assigned your account to a member (to get details of the member, click on "Unverified, Click ME" on the Dashboard), you will then call/text the member using your GHWX registered number to give your verification code. If the member does not confirm you within 4 hours, the system will assign you to someone else.

To confirm a member assigned to you. Click on Phone Number Verification link , under Community Support System on the dashboard and follow the instructions. Another option for navigation is going to the Menu ; GHW Community  -> Phone Verification

 The member is verified and you will earn 1% CScore.

Because we are a community, we all must pitch in to get this to work ASAP so that matching will commence (No matching without Verified contact details). Also note that your account will require a certain volume of confirmed phone verifications to be able to GH.

Let us all work together

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