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PayDoublers is a new online donation exchange platform aimed at only Nigerians. The platforms is helping both poor and average Nigerians make BIG profit from their investments. Paydoublers pays 100% in less than 7 days. They have been so many testimonies about Paydoublers.

How does PayDoublers works?
Once you register on PayDoublers website, you will be paired to pay another member. The payment amount you make depends on the plan in which you chose during registration. Below are the plans on PayDoublers;
Copper Account - 5,000
Bronze Account - 10,000
Silver Account - 20,000
Gold Account - 50,000
Diamond Account - 100,000
Diamond Elite Account - 250,000

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After payment, you will send a confirmation to the participant. When you payment is confirmed you will now be eligible to receive donations from other participants and you will be paid with a 100% interest.

Can I get bonuses when I refer a friend?
Yes, PayDoublers will credit you with N10,000 If you successful refer two friends.

How can I register?

To register on PayDOUBLERS – Click HERE


  1. What's happening to paydoublers website?
    Its frustrating many participants as they can't log in.

  2. I paid for someone and have not been able to press have made payment since yesterday because it's not opening please what can I do cos I don't want to loose my money please

  3. Is this Paydoublers thing for real?

  4. Pls why is this website not opening it was easy to register but. It hard to login pls what is happaning

  5. I registered and paid someone since 4 days ago.. Bt d site is not opening. Wat is happening to the site? Pls let them rectify the issue

  6. I was attracted by the caption I saw in paydoubler site saying YOU HAVE WITNESS THE REST, NOW YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST... friends, dont you think that this is equally among the worst?

  7. l register on this platform and l paid,bt it very diffcot to login.Why?

    1. Don't worry guys the site is back... you can now login

  8. Wats going on paid 20k Yesday & now can't login its keeps telling me serva error

  9. Can someone who is concerned tell me what's the problem with paydoubler? I don't want to lose my money ooooo.

  10. Is this paydoubler real, can someone invest, who has done it and got paid, these are questions that demand answers before I lost my money into it.

  11. now the website is saying Access forbidden, i have some cash in there,, pls what is going on.

  12. let that site not just go down like that I beg them with God

  13. Paydoubler have left me pennyless,if the admin knows they can afford to pay for the site before opening it why did they bring the hopes of most Nigerians up ? After registering and referred so many people who have paid they kept on knocking on my door for their paydoubler not a scam?

  14. Why is paydoublers saying access forbidden...?

  15. O sweetJesus,abeg this goes out to paydoublers admin,you really need to get this site up and running again,don't really know what the issue is neither can I really comprehend is it that you don't just have gud technicians to fix this thing or you have no more money to keep it up and running? You should have expected this you should have seen it coming this is Nigeria for crying out loud,should be sat down to count your cost

  16. paydoublers we need u back, maybe the gh % should be less to keep it running .

  17. Im just getting to know about this network....with the comments i have read above...hmmmmmmmm....just scared

  18. Wot I think is that there's no solution here. All the questions ppl asked none has been answered. . Sorry ppl, paydoubler has gone with the wind so take heart.


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