Complete Review of GethelpWorldwide Xclusive | How it Works - Registration & Login Guide

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Hello, have you heard of Get Help Worldwide Xclusive, it's a global mutual financial aid platform that is currently trending in Nigeria and other countries. GHW Xclusive offers investors the chance to earn 30% (if you provide help in local currency) or 50% (if you provide help in Bitcoin) return on investment (ROI) in 30days. 


Recently there have been so many testimonies from GHW participants especially in Nigeria. 

Below are some benefits of Get Help Worldwide Xclusive
1. GHW rewards new members with bonuses. However this depends on the PH amount. Below is the bonus range for GHW;

Registration Bonus for Bitcoin
PH $50 to $499 - $20 Registration Bonus
PH $500 to $2’999 - $50 Registration Bonus
PH $3’000 and above - $100 Registration Bonus

Registration Bonus for Naira
PH 15,000 to 149,000 - 4,000 Registration Bonus
PH 150,000 to 649,000 - 10,000 Registration Bonus
PH 650,000 and above - 20,000 Registration Bonus

2. Your investment grows from the first day you Pledge to PH

3. You also get referral bonus (10%)

4. GHW has an Active & Swift Support Service

5. The system uses a credibility score to monitor each members performance. Members are penalized when the fail to comply with GHW guidelines.

How can I register for Get Help Worldwide Xclusive?
1.  Visit the New Site  - Click Here.

2. Click Create Account.

3. Fill in your registration details (using same email as your old account) *Use as Referral Email.

4. Click Sign Up.

After registration, you can now provide help in either your local currency (Naira NGN) or Bitcoin(BTC). After this, You will now wait for the system to automatically match you with a GHW member, whom you will pay.

To login GHW account visit

DISCLAIMER: Buka’s Blog is NOT in any way affiliated to Get Help Worldwide, GreenSpeer, MMM or any other Ponzi scheme. Members should participate at their own risk.


  1. Why is the site not opening

    1. The website has been shut down until further notice


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