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To start making money online with Zarfund is easy. I'm going to break it down in steps so you can understand;

Register on Zarfund > Open Bitcon Wallet > Fund Wallet > Make Zarfund Donation.

Note: You can skip step 2 & 3 if you already have/operate a Bitcoin account.

Step 1: To Register on Zarfund & Start getting free Bitcoins - Click Here.

Zarfund is a peer - peer donation platform where members give and receive bitcoins. These bitcoins are digital currencies and are accepted worldwide. The current price of 1 bitcoin = $740.

Zarfund uses a Multi-level marketing (MLM) type of system and there are NO Central Accounts. Also no Admins are needed in Zarfund. The system is very secure. The best part about investing with Zarfund is members don't have to wait for 30 or 90 days, you can withdraw your profit from your bit coin wallet anytime you want.

Similar to other online donation platforms like MMM - Nigeria etc, Zarfund operates using members downlines and uplines. A referral system is used to ensure progress amongst members. However, Zarfund is unique because members work together as a Team and make one another grow until a new level is reached
There are 6 Levels in Zarfund and each level offers a higher return on investment. Members of Zarfund get a 100% interest on their investment. To begin, the start up fee is 0.03 BTC (12,000 NGN).

Below is the earning structure of Zarfund in Naira;

Sign Up Fee
Donate 0.03btc which is N12,000naira ($19)

Level 1
Receive N12000 from two referral (your two direct referrals) = 24,000 (donate 20,000 to upgrade) gain N4000 

Level 2
Receive N20,000 from four referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N80,000 (donate N40,000 to upgrade) gain N40,000

Level 3
Receive N40,000 from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N320,000(donate 80,000 to upgrade) gain N240,000

Level 4
Receive N80,000 from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N1,260,000 (donate N380,000 to upgrade) gain N880,000

Level 5
Receive N380,000 from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N12,160,000(donate N760,000 to upgrade) gain N11,400,000

Level 6
Receive N760,000 from 64 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N48,640,000

Below is the earning structure of Zarfund in BTC & USD;

Note that the 0.03 btc is a one-time-payment. To move to the next level, upgrade fees are taken from the profits, therefore members don't have to pay from their pockets.

Step 2: You can open a Bitcoin Account with BlockChain HERE

Step 3: Funding your Bitcoin Wallet is easy, since I'm based in Nigeria, I used NairaEx because they support local bank transfers. Open a NairaEx account HERE

How to Fund your BlockChain Bitcoin Wallet.
The next step is to fund your bitcoin wallet. There are many secure and reliable Bitcoin exchange site but I recommend you buy from NairaEx. To register a NairaEx account account Click HERE

After registration, go ahead a place your order, you will be asked to credit a local account and send payment details to NairaEx support email for confirmation. Once verified, your bitcoin wallet will be credited. 

Step 4: How to Make Donations in Zarfund.

Before you make a donation you have to first add your Bitcoin Address to your Wallet, after this is done, You can now UPGRADE by making your first donation. This is very easy, just Click Upgrade and Read the instruction carefully.

After making the payment from your bitcoin wallet to a Zarfund member, copy the transaction hash ID in the field listed and enter the exact amount sent. You donation will be verified in minutes.

Zarfund Pays - Join Today and Start Earning Millions - SIGN UP

If you need any information on Zarfund and Using Bitcoin in Nigeria,  Join the Whatsapp Group or leave a comment below.


  1. This is interesting. please Admin; after I get registered, I must find new members by myself to register under me, before I will make profit? or do I just need to register on the first level and then start making my profit after the first month?

    1. After you sign up, Your team will work for you, together you all will grow.
      You can even start earning that same day depending on your " Team Work".

  2. There isn't no contact how do we get to u

    1. Enter the Zarfund Whatsapp Chat group

    2. add me to whatsapp group chat am so interested 08101707069

  3. most times you need to look for downlines yourself

    1. If you join my team, you dont have to. Because you get referrals automatically. This is called spillover

  4. Hello,

    if I have 2 downline, but along the line they stopped paying, what happen to me?




  5. @admin, kindly add me to the Whatsapp group

  6. I want to join your team and i have one downline on ground now

  7. Pls send me the link to your WhatsApp group.. Thanks

  8. This is my line., add me to ur WhatsApp group.. 08075000598


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