Scam or Real Deal: New MMM South Africa offers 190% in 9days

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Hello, have you heard about the new MMM South Africa that claims to offer investors 190% return on investment in just 9days?, wow this sounds interesting but before you hurry and invest in this I think you should do some research and ask your self if its worth it.

MMM West Africa which launched some weeks ago is still in doubt because at the time of writing this post, its investors are still yet to be paid, now so many South Africans and Nigerians are already eyeing this mouth-watering offer from MMM South Africa because its promising 190% interest in 9days.

Just like MMM United, Nigeria and MMM Global, MMM South Africa also uses bitcoins for payments. That way, investors from all over the world can participate in this scheme. The minimum amount to invest with in Dollar equivalent is $10. In MMM South Africa, payments are requested almost immediately and after payment,  your mavro begins to appreciate at 10% a day.

Let's hope all these pyramid schemes don't disappoint. 

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