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Hello, I’ll like to introduce you to an exciting donation exchange program that can earn you up to N2 Million Naira with just a N1,000 ($2) investment. I know this sounds too good to be true but this is another quick and reliable way to make money online.

I’m going to be explain how Paid Rocket works in this post by answering some FAQs. So read carefully?

What is Paid Rocket and How does Paid Rocket Work?
Paid rocket is a simple and low cost internet marketing opportunity that uses a 4x4 matrix system. Where a member registers for a Level, then needs 4 downlines in order to get to the next level.  These 4 members will pay you N1000 each (4000).

To qualify for level 2, the system will match you with a member to pay the membership fee of 2,500 in their paypal account or bitcoin wallet. And that is how you keep profiting from your downlines as you move up the levels. Below is an complete example of Paid Rocket earning system.

Stage 1

This Stage has 4 Levels
Level 1
To upgrade, pay N1000($2) to an upline. Then 4 downlines pay you 1000 x 4 =  N4000 ($8)
Level 2
To upgrade, pay N2500($5) to an upline. Then 16 downlines pay you 2500 x 16 =  N40,000 ($80)

Level 3
To upgrade, pay N5000($10) to an upline. Then 64 downlines pay you 5000 x 64 =  N320,000 ($640)

Level 4
To upgrade, pay N10,000($20) to an upline. Then 256 downlines pay you 10000 x 256 = N2560000 ($5120)

Stage 2

This Stage has 4 Levels

Level 5
To upgrade, pay N25,000($20) to an upline. Then 4 downlines pay you N25000 x 4 = N100,000 ($200)

Level 6
To upgrade, pay N50,000($100) to an upline. Then 16 downlines pay you N50,000 x 16 = N800,000 ($1600)

Level 7
To upgrade, pay N90,000 ($180) to an upline. Then 64 downlines pay you N90,000 x 64 = N5,760,000 ($11,520)

Level 8
To upgrade, pay N175,000 ($350) to an upline. Then 256 downlines pay you N175,000 x 256 = N44800000 ($896,600)

How can I Register Login and Start Making Money?
To open a Paid Rocket account CLICK HERE

After registration, Login into your account and make a donation to your Sponsor(Upline) to upgrade to Level 1.  To Login into your Account use . Now invite ONLY four other people using your referral link. 

Can I use Naira or My local currency to my payments in Paid Rocket?
No! For now donation in Paid Rocket is made in Bitcoin or via Paypal.

Where can I Register a Free Bitcoin Wallet & buy Bitcoin?
You can open a Bitcoin Wallet with BlockChain by clicking HEREAfter this, go to your PAID Rocket account and add your Bitcoin Address, this is like your bank account where other members will deposit your bitcoin into.

Then you can buy bitcoins to fund your wallet from HERE (Naira4Dollar)

After Registration how do i upgrade to Level 1?
You will have to pay N1ooo ($2) to your upline.
Click on Upgrade.

To Pay using Bitcoin: 
- Login to your Bitcoin Wallet and click on Send bitcoins.
 - Copy the bitcoin address listed in your account and put it in the receiver field:
 - Select the amount of 2 and the currency US Dollars
 - Click on Next and confirm the transaction. You will see the TRANSACTION NUMBER.
 - (IMPORTANT!) Now submit your TRANSACTION NUMBER in the form below.

An example of the transaction number can be seen in the image below;

What if i can't find members(Referrals)?
No need, As long as you are on my team, you get spillovers. All a member needs is four referrals, once he has four, other referrals goes to his downlines. So you see, you don't even need to work to earn.

Get Rich with Paid Rocket - Join Today and Start Earning Millions - SIGN UP

If you need any information on PaidRocket and Using Bitcoin in Nigeria,  Join the Whatsapp Group or leave a comment below.

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  1. Can't it be done with your bank account? I don't really know much about Bitcoin.
    What if your downliner(s) didn't pay you, what's gonna happen?


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