Before you Join Community Mutual Aid (CMA40), Read this Review.

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Hello, have you of Community Mutual Aid, its a online peer to peer donation exchange platform that offers 40% - 50% profit(depending on which currency for invest with) in 30 days.

CMA40 commenced operations on the 16th of January 2017 for South African and on the 1st march 2017 for Nigerians. I advised participant to be aware that just like MMM, this is also a Ponzi Scheme therefore they should invest wisely.

Below some answers to FAQs on Community Mutual Aid;

How much profit can I make on Community Mutual Aid?
You get 40% Monthly in ZAR/NAIRA/PULA and 50% monthly in Bitcoins.

Are they referel bonus on CMA40?
Yes! You get 10% referral bonuses when you refer others (optional)
- 5% speed bonuses when depositing or confirming within 24hours.
- 5% bonus for a video testimonial showing your face (on hold for 30  days).
- 3% bonus for an audio testimonial (on hold for 30 days)

How can I become a Guider?
you just need to have only 40 ACTIVE members (completed and confirmed dreams)

How can I Register and login on Community Mutual Aid (CMA40)?
To Register and login your account CMA40 - Click Here


  1. Can't it be done with your bank account? I don't really know much about Bitcoin.
    What if your downliner(s) didn't pay you, what's gonna happen?

    1. bitcoin is the future get your self bitcoin now and save the future


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