Scam Alert - Fraudsters are Hacking MMM Accounts - Read This

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Hello, Are you aware that several MMM participants have received emails and SMS that claim to be from MMM Nigeria demanding their logging details to MMM Personal office?, This mails have been circulating for days. I want to warn all participants to be careful. The mails says this is due to a database upgrade on MMM.

Below is a screenshot of the message;
I'll like to advised you to disregard this emails or text messages because they are false. MMM - Nigeria wouldn't ask you for your login details for any reason. All issues related to your account are handled via support which is located in your MMM Account. 

Another form of internet hack used by these fraudster is 'Phishing'. This malicious method redirect the victim to a clone website where all their details will be stolen. This is done by sending mails to members directing them to click on the original site " " which later redirect to a fake and clone website Note that the letter 'o' has been replaced with '0'(zero). Therefore do not click any suspicious links in your mail or anywhere online. 

Be warned!

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Long Live MMM - Nigeria

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