Download New GSKY V6 | V7 Software - Get More Auto-Roll Space & More

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This post will provide download links to the latest GSKYV6 and V7 powervu autoroll software for Sport 24 HD. 

Download Latest Hellobox GSKY V7 Autoroll Software 

The latest GSKY V6 & V7 HD satellite receiver software for (Global Africa/Asia/Europe) version 20161106 has new an improved features that will definitely improve viewing by allowing more auto-roll key injection space. Some of the feature of the new GSKY V5, V6 & V7 software are;

- The update adds more Tandberg Key
- Support Tandberg program patch.
- Update to the latest powerVu algorithm for several channels.

How to upgrade GSKY Decoder without losing Satellite, Channel and Keys




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