GLO 4G: Code to Check Phone LTE Compatibility & Steps to Activate.

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Finally Glo now offers 4G LTE data service to its subscribers. The telecommunication giant are the first to rolls out a nationwide 4G LTE network in Nigeria and personally I can't wait to try it. However to use this service there are a few procedures subscribers have to take in order to activate GLO 4G LTE on their line.

How to Enable your SIM for Glo 4G.

Before we begin ensure you have a smartphone that supports 4G LTE. If you're not sure, simply text 4G to 400 and you'll receive a message notifying you of your device LTE compatibility status.

Then visit the nearest Glo office and request for a 4G sim swap. You'll be given a GLO 4G SIM card.

Now dial *777# to choose a suitable Glo 4G Data plan.

You can also share your GLO 4G LTE data via wi-fi hotspot using LTE enabled devices like a router or smartphone.





  1. I subscribe to 4G LTE but is not work,Pls help me return d money back,I called customer care,she told that I need phone of 4G network. Thanks

    1. Sir, How am i suppose to do that?! I don't work for Glo

    2. Bro go to glo office if they can downgrade it to 3G.

    3. Lol...I wonder o! Although, Glo said they are adding more phones to the network.


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