iPhone 7 Negative Reviews and Fix to some iOS 10 issues.

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The long awaited iPhone 7 has finally available for pre-order however the iOS 10 smartphone has received some major criticism from apple users globally. In this post I’m going to be explain some of the problems and negative reviews Apple users have to say about the new Apple iPhone 7.  After this I’m also going to briefly explain some quick fix some of the iOS 10 update problem apple users have been experiencing.

Here are some Problems Apple Users have with the new iPhone 7.
Removal of the 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack – Apple users have frowned at this saying it’s just means which apple is going to use to make them buy accessories like adapter, stands, Bluetooth headphones with wireless earpods etc. This has also made some apple users see the iPhone 7 as a downgrade.

No Wireless Charging and Fast Charging on iPhone 7 – Wireless & Fast charging features are really cool on Samsung galaxy series and other android devices.  Charging your iPhones using a lightening cable for hours now seems old fashioned to most apple users, which is the reason they were really expecting to see this feature.
No 1080p display on the iPhone 7 – Unfortunately only the iPhone 7 plus has a 1080p display. However, other android device are enabled with a higher display. Apple users seemed vexed by this.

No Expandable Storage – Yes! Media Card aren’t supported. You’ll still be limited to the storage option your bought. Another reason apple users fail to see the CHANGE!

Little Change in iPhone 7 Design – Apple users say there isn’t much change in the iPhone 7 design. Apart from the back camera and change in antenna band position.

How to resolve some iOS 10 Update issues
Below are some of the iOS 10 update solutions which I’ll be explaining in the post are;
Problem of iOS 10 update bricking apple smartphone – There has been several report casing of bricked iPads and iPhones after iOS 10 Update, well the solution to this is quite simple. This is when backups come in handy. All you have to do is restore your iOS devices from your PC or MAC using the previous backup.

Issue of Poor iOS 10 Battery Life – They have also been several complaints about low battery life after iOS 10. Well this can be solved by carefully monitor the number of apps that running on background. You can use the following tips to utilize iPhone and iPad power usage.
  • Turn off background App refresh
  • Turn off Fitness tracking and other apps running under settings > Privacy > Motion and Fitness
  • Turn off wi-fi when not in uses
  • Dim display brightness.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth NOT working after iOS 10 Update – To solve this problem you’ll have to Reset Network Settings by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This fix has worked on most Apple devices experiencing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problem after update.

iOS 10 Home Button – “Slide to Unlock” features has been removed on iOS 10, however, to Open your iPhone or iPad using Touch ID following these step  Setting > General > Accessibilty > Home Button now turn on “Rest Finger to Open”.

Several users have also complained about issues like Over-Heating while Charging, Can’t Find Purchased Ringtone after Update and iMessage not working after iOS 10 Update. I’m sure apple is working on a fix for this and an update will be rolled out soon

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