Download Google Allo APK | Try out @Google Assistant & More Features

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Google Allo is a very cool instant messaging mobile app that's packed with lots of exciting features. Some of the features of Google Allo are;

Smart Reply - with the help Google machine learning technology, Allo can learn from users behavior by suggestion reply during chat conversations.
Incognito Mode - this gives users who prefer privacy the options to encrypt or expire chat, and also enabled private chat notifications.
Whisper Shout - users can choose to increase or decrease the size of chat characters easily.

Other exciting features are @google Assistant and also INK which let's you get creative with your photos by adding text and doodling.

Just like popular instant messaging app whatsapp, Google Allo is based on phones numbers, making it easy to communicated with registered Allo contacts. Allo is supported on Android and Apple iOS devices.

Download Google Allo APK for Android
Android users can Install Allo direct from Playstore or  download a working Allo .APK(Allo_1.0.006_RC18 (arm64-v8a_xxhdpi) from HERE and install from file manager.

To Download Google Allo for Apple iOS devices visit your App Store to find out if Allo is available for download in your region.

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