Latest FTA Channels & Tandberg Software Download for Strong Satellite Receiver.

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Tandberg encrytion seems to be the new preferred option, it is now supported on the following strong decoders, SRT 4920, 4922, 4922A, 4922D+, SRT 4902, SRT 4930L, SRT 4950, 4950M, SRT 4950E, SRT 4950H. In this post, I'm going to be providing the latest Tandberg patch for strong decoders and give a tutorial on how to watch some FTA channel.

Other than Strong Receivers, Tandberg encrytion has also been tested and works fine on FREESAT DECODER, Alphabox, Gsky, Super Esat, Enigma2 Receiver, TIGER HD DIGITAL RECEIVERS, Vu+ SOLO receiver models.

Download Updated Tandberg Patch for Strong Decoder
Download Strong 4920/4922 series Patch HERE
Download 4902 HERE
Download 4950M, 4950 HERE
Download 4950E HERE
Download 4950H HERE

Due to the hack on Tandberg Encrytion a few premium channels can be viewed for FREE. Some people say Arena Sports on 39 East, CNBC on 68.5 East, RTM on 91.5 East, VTV on 132 East, Network @ Turksat 46 east, C band and also ETV Africa on 3.0w, ku band can be watch for free. For now CNBC Intelsat 20 at 68.5°E 4066 H 19845 is the only confirmed channel using ECM:5FDB06AA1364E500.

Other channels on this encryption are;
7E: 11087 H 7200 | 12555 H 7120 |  12564 H 7120
10E: 11387 V 30000
39E: 11135 V 30000
100.5E: 3720 H 30000 | 4080 H 30000 | 3880 H 30000 | 3860 V 30000 | 3955 V 7200 | 3945 V 7120 | 3953 V 7200
58W: 3785 H 5200
ETV africa: 11088 H 30000
103W: 3760 H 30000 | 4120 H 30000

How to Open Tandberg on Strong Decoder after Patch Update
Press 8282 / F1+8280 from your remote control
Go to Tandberg
Sometimes you needs to press red button to add
Ident (frequency or transponder) > Add the key as shown below
Press exit to save. you are good to go.




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