Full List of Ranks in the Nigerian Army and Salaries Earned.

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The Nigerian Army (NA) which was founded in 1960 is the largest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, and responsible for land warfare operations. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC).

In this post, I'm going to be listing out the ranks in the Nigerian Army. This information will be very useful if you intend to join the Nigerian Army or have a friend or relative who wish to apply for recruitment into the Army.

The Nigeria ranks are catergorized into 2;
1. Ranks for Commissioned Officer - There are 11 ranks in this category
2. Ranks for Non- Commissioned Officers - There are 8 ranks in the Nigerian Army for non-commissioned officers.

RANKS for Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army
1. Field Marshal (5-Star General) — highest rank in the Nigerian Army
2. General (4-Star General)
3. Lieutenant General (3-Star General)
4. Major General (2-Star General)
5. Brigadier General (1-Star General)
6. Colonel
7. Lieutenant Colonel
8. Major
9. Captain
10. Lieutenant
11. Second Lieutenant — lowest rank

Below is the Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers;
Second Lieutenant receives - N120,000
Lieutenant receives - N180,000
Captain receives - N220,000
Major receives - N300,000
Lieutenant Colonel receives - N350,000
Colonel receives - N550,000
Brigadier General receives - N750,000
Major General receives - N950,000
Lt. General receives - N1 million
Full General receives - N1.5 million. 

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RANKS for Non-Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian Army
1. Warrant Officer Class I
2. Warrant Officer Class II
3. Staff Sergeant
4. Sergeant
5. Corporal
6. Lance-corporal
7. Private
8. Recruit

Below is the Salary structure for non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Army;

Private soldier in the Nigerian army earns between N48,000 an N49,000.
A Lance Corporal receives between N54,000 and N55,000.
A Corporal receives N58,000
A Sergeant receives a N63,000 salary
A Warrant Officer receives N89,000
A Master Warrant Officer receives N90,000




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