Best Free Antivirus Of 2016

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Anti-virus programs have become absolutely indispensable for every internet user on the planet, which explains this niche being ever-expanding.  This industry exists for over three decades, and today you can choose from many companies on this competitive market to keep your computer and privacy safe. Naturally, there are some good and not so good anti-viruses out there, and when picking what kind of protection you want, you first need to know what you need to be protected from. There are definitely a few contenders that are worthy of mention when talking about best free anti-virus programs currently available, and we will talk about them in some detail in this article.
  1. AVG AntiVirus

This anti-virus is wildly popular for both PC and mobile protection, and for all the good reasons. Whenever you type in the phrase “free antivirus”, chances are that AVG will be the first one to pop up at the top of your search. All the features of this program have been thoroughly tested, and each one passed the test with flying colors. AVG is excellent in all forms of malware blocking, which is its strongest advantage, and you can find out what’s wrong with your computer in a matter of minutes if you use the total scan. Speaking of scanning, AVG has a very good quick scanning system, that doesn’t affect your computer’s performance, and a complete scan includes rootkit scan as well. This site is also quite effective with phishing protection, another feature that comes as very useful.
  1. Avast Free Antivirus

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Avast was running behind the rest of its competitors when it comes to functional design, but that all changed once Avast 2016 was released. Now you don’t only get a very effective and hands-on antivirus, but a very modern-looking program as well. This antivirus too, is more than capable to detect all forms of malware and destroy it, which is why it passed many tests with flying colors. One of the special perks of this program is the wide variety of scans it offers and they cater to the needs of practically every user. Full scan will take some time (about an hour and fifteen minutes), but there are many other scans, such as network and router scan, through which you can find out what is exactly happening on your network.
  1. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

This is an antivirus you won’t really notice you have. It is designed so that it can work independently in the background, without giving you any grief or slowing down your device’s performance. This antivirus doesn’t require any configuration settings, which is a refreshing change. When it comes to protecting your computer of different kinds of threats, according to customers’ reviews, Bitdefender excels at its job. This company also has an amazing and expeditious customers’ service support, which you can contact strictly through email if you get a free version. This antivirus program can also be found on the list of top 10 antivirus programs out there, which says enough about the quality of their services. One downside of this program is that it’s virtually impossible to install it on a device that already has malware issues.
  1. Panda Free Antivirus

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Both when it comes to its performance and the ability to protect your system, Panda antivirus has a lot to offer. You won’t have any difficulties with installing this program, but do pay attention, otherwise you’ll end up with Yahoo as your default browser. The way this program protects you from malware is quite standard, save the fact that it won’t inform you of the threat the moment it finds one. Malware alert will go off once you try to create a new file or a program shortcut, which is a bit unorthodox, but just as effective as other programs. This program will do a great job in blocking malware-hosting URLs, but its not so strong suit is antiphishing that works in about half cases, which isn’t impressive.
  1. Avira Free Antivirus

Minor flaw allows Hacker to hijack Avira Antivirus customers accounts
This antivirus works great in every way, except when it comes to Internet Explorer. Avira can be used freely when it’s for your personal use, but if you want to use it to protect your business computers, you’ll have to purchase the Avira Pro version of this program. What’s particularly good is that this program will come with a bunch of its free colleagues such as Phantom VPN, System SpeedUp and a few others. Avira got exceptional reviews from many independent researchers, especially because it’s doing an outstanding job in blocking malicious URLs.
This list is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free antivirus programs, but these ones are actually doing an excellent job, particularly because they’re free. Avast and AVG are definitely the most famous ones, thanks to their efficiency and thoroughness, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other antivirus programs as well.

By Adam Ferraresi
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