Download Latest Korea / Japan Server.prx Postern VPN APK Settings

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In this post, i will be listing some latest versions of Postern and proxy configuration settings that can be used on Globe/TM to stream YouTube videos and browse free on your mobile device.


How to download Postern VPN v3.0.10 App for Android
To download Postern v3.0.10 – Click here | Link 2

Latest Postern Browsing Settings

How to use Postern to browse free.
Download latest Korea 3 .prx configuration settings – Click Here
*import the file.
* on-off-on the vpn to fully load the import config.
Bonus Korea Server – Click Here
Go to proxy group, select 1 server of your choice (Korea 1 or Korea2)

Hit VPN on and Enjoy

Japan prx Link – Click Here

Use default APN !!! ( or




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