Did your Pokemon Go Progess Reset after an Update?, See Fix Here

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Hundreds of Pokemon go players have complained bitterly about how an update wiped out all games progress such as caught pokemon, items collected and purchases made. The faulty upgrade which was rolled out for download on Pokemon for Android v0.31.0 and iOS 1.1.0 on july 31st has really vexed pokemon players worldwide because it revert them back to LEVEL One.

This then made the game developers to quickly roll out an emergency fix to this loss of game progress data that I'll be sharing in this post. So if you're affected by this, no need to worry just follow these steps;

How to restore lost Pokemon go Captured Pokemons Characters, App Purchase and all Progress Level.
 Make sure you are Logged out completely from the Pokemon go App. I advise you delete and re-install the app completely to ensure a fresh clean start for this recovery.

Now Open Pokemon Go app and login through google. This should take you to your default web browser where you'll complete the login process.

Review and select the email address noted in the page's top right corner. Make SURE the selected email address is the ORIGINAL email you used to create your Pokémon Go account.

Hit the "Allow" button and you should find your Pokémon safe and sound and be able to resume your Pokémon Go adventures.

There you go. Back to normal. Enjoy!

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