How to get NYSC Evaluation Letter (Foreign Graduates only)

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The NYSC has made it compulsory for foreign graduates from higher institutions whose accreditation is in doubt to upload a letter of evaluation during mobilization. 

The category of graduates who need to obtain evaluation letters are graduates form higher institutions in
1. Benin Republic
2. Ghana
3. Niger
4. Togo
And other countries which the NUC has caution Nigerians from studying there due to the uncertainty of the accreditation of undergraduate courses.

How to get your NYSC Evaluation letter.
As a foreign student, your school is responsible for the processing of evaluation letters. They will compile a list of graduated student and send to the federal ministry of education Abuja. They will now process your evaluation letter and send back to your school. The process can take weeks or months depending on your school.

Before student usually go to FME to get their letter of evaluation themselves but it doesn’t work that way anymore.




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