How to Change Email and Migrate to GHW Xclusive Website

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The GHW admins have noticed many participants are having difficulties migrating to the new GHW exclusive portal due to the fact that their can’t access their email account which they used in the old Get Help Worldwide site. Well, there is now a solution for this.

How to Fix Email Migration Problems in GHW Xclusive.
Below are the requirements and steps to change email address.

1) The old email and the new email.

2) Four (4) names of participants you have been matched previously to pay and their phone numbers.

3) How much was your first PH.

4) If you had referrals, how many were they? If not, indicate also

5) A valid ID card (driver's license, Intl ID card, National ID or Voter's card) which tallies with the account name on GHW. If you send a fuzzy or blurred passport your request will be deleted immediately.

5) A stamped copy of your account statement for the past two months from the account listed on your GHW account. Must be very clear.

Send your mails to with the requirements for fast resolution for those who want their emails changed. 

(Please your topic should be 'CHANGE MY EMAIL').

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