2017 PTV Sport BISS Keys and Frequency for Satellite Receivers (Updated)

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PTV Sport is a Pakistani sport channel own by PTV networks. The cable channels covers many national and international sporting events making it one of the most preferred sport channel on cable TV.

If you are having difficulties in viewing PTV sport like unscrambled service due to an outdated biss key. This post is going to be provide you with the latest PTV sport biss key BISS Keys on PakSat 1R & AsiaSat 3S PakSat 1R 38.0°E

PTV Sports Frequency Code & Direction
Frequency: 4003 V 15555
Direction: Paksat 38° east
PTV Sports BISS Key Today (Latest) 4th June 2017 (Only Pakistan vs India Cricket Match)
PTV Sports (Working Key)
F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB

Alternate Key
F7 E9 A7 00 19 57 CD 00
51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC CC
51 32 13 DD 9A DD EC DD
85 26 37 CC 42 C2 5C CC
85 26 37 AA 42 C2 5C AA
53 20 86 AB CD AB FA BC
53 20 86 CC CD AB FA CC
BA E2 22 BB 89 7F FC AA
BA E2 22 CC 89 7F FC CC
A5 B1 C3 CC D2 E1 F3 CC
A5 B1 C3 AA D2 E1 F3 AA

1. New Boss Key 02/06/2017
PAKSAT1R@38East Ku
TP.11620 H 2000 MPEG2 FTA
$ID-KQ 576
Paksat 1R (38.5E) TP.11040 V 1600
Biss Key.A1 23 B4 78 56 C7 89 A6

2. PTV Sports Latest New  Conax Key may 26
32 Diget Code
Conax Key Walay Receiver

3. PTV Sports (Working Key)
F7 E9 A7 AB 19 57 CD AB
Alternate Key
F7 E9 A7 00 19 57 CD 00


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