Watch Free DSTV Channels on Q23G, Q26G ETC, Download QSAT Latest V8 Auto roll Software

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MAY 2017 Update - 
New Qsat software that improve performance on powervu and canalsat;

Free 2017 Software DOWNLOAD LINKS:
File 1:Q13G - Download
File 2: Q11G - Download
File 3:Q23G - Download
File 4:Q26G - Download
File 5:Speed HD S1 - Download
File 6:TELEBOX T1 - Download
File 7: Q28G – Download 

The new QSAT PowerVU software provides auto roll function for Q23G and Q26G. The software can also unlock DSTV channels for 68.5e (South Africans).
Q23G - Click Here
Q26G - Click Here

Download Updated QSAT Software till 2017 for Q11G & Q15G ETC

File Name: for Q23G_STG3_2014111514.bin
File Size: 7.1 MB

File Name: For Q11G_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_20141120
File Size: 7.1 MB

File Name: For_Q13G_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_201
File Size: 7.1 MB

File Name: For_Q15G_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_2014
File Size: 7.1 MB

File Name: For_Q11G+_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_20141120.bin
File Size: 7.1 MB

File Name: For_Q13G+_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_20141120.bin
File Size: 7.1 MB

File Name: For_Q15G+_SDB3_CAR_V6.11.20_20141120.bin
File Size: 7.1 MB

How to Upgrade QSAT Decoder
Note that an upgrade will restore your decoder to its factory settings, so ensure you are make a manual back up before you begin.

Also make sure you are using a stable power supply to avoid damaging your decoder.

Now extract the file from .Zip or .rar and copy it into a USB flash drive.
Insert your Flash into your QSAT decoder, now press " MENU >> UPGRADE >> USB / UPGRADE " . Select the file your copied to the flash to begin the upgrade.
Once the decoder upgrade is complete, your device will reboot.


  1. can u give me latest autoroll firmware for Qsat Q26g ??

    i am try many firmware but not match file error coming

    my mail id

  2. Please Buka help me with the latest firmware for qsat q13g my email address is thanks


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