Download Full Frank Edwards Album and Best of Naija Gospel Songs - 2017

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This is a list of the best Gospel praise and worship songs that are currently rocking my music playlist every Sunday. Most of these songs are recognized as the best Nigerian gospel songs of all time and also comprises of the Best of English, Yoruba, Igbo gospel hit tracks.  

This list also includes foreign gospel songs that will surely lift your spirit. Some of the tracks on my playlist that I will be listing here for download are;
Frankincense by Frank Edwards – this wonderful album include popular tracks like Ebenebe - Ft Chinyere Udoma, I love you. See full track list;

Download Frankincense by Frank Edwards (Full MP3 Album)

  1. Frankincense | Download
  2. I Love You | Download
  3. Agam Enye Gi Ekele | Download
  4. I’ll Forever Sing | Download
  5. Only You Are Holy | Download
  6. Onye | Download
  7. Nara Ekele | Download
  8. If God Be For Me | Download
  9. Ka Anyi Bulie (feat. Don Moen) | Download
  10. Ebenebe (feat. Chinyere Udoma) | Download
  11. Oyoyo | Download
  12. Baba (feat. Micah Stampley) | Download
  13. Ibuchi | Download
  14. Ayaya | Download
  15. Heaven On Earth | Download
  16. Gratitude | Download
  17. Na You | Download
  18. Nye Ya Ekele | Download
  19. Don’t Cry (feat. Nathaniel Bassey) | Download
  20. Onye Mmeri | Download
  21. Oyege | Download

Credits: ilovegrtmusic

Download the Best Nigerian Praise and Worship Song and Mix (Audio and Video)

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Download Sinach Gospel Praise mix(Best of Sinach) - Download MP3

Naija Gospel Mix (2016) Praise The Lord – Download Mp3

Top 50 Praise & Worship Songs 2016 - Download

Chinyere Udoma - Vol I - Pure Praise - Download

MIXTAPE: DJ Josh - ''Naija Gospel Praise'' Vol. 10 - Download MP3 


NAIJA GOSPEL MIX 2015 BY DJ WOLEX - Psalmos, Izzy, Frank Edwards, Sammie 
Okposo, Smart Chris – Download Free MP3

DJ Josh – Naija Gospel Praise Mix” Vol. 8 – Download Mp3


Evang. John Okah, Gozie Okeke & James Arum - Download

Nigerian Gospel Nonstop Mix 2016 – Download MP3

D’melody Nigerian Praise Worship Songs Sax Medley – Download Mp3

Naija Gospel Mix 2016 – Download MP3

Nigeria Gospel Music - 80 ENGLISH GOSPEL PRAISE – Download MP3

Nigerian gospel music - African Mega Worship 2016 (Non-stop) – Download MP3


Top 50 Praise & Worship Songs 2015 Non Stop 3hrs 20mins – Download MP3

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    Download Top Nigerian Gospel Songs for Free

    Frank Edwards - MMA MMA(Re praise) - Download MP3 

    Samsong – Happy People ft. Temple – Download MP3

    Monique - Power Flow – Download MP3

    Samsong – Bianule – Download free Mp3

    Lara Gorge - Dansaki - Download MP3

    EBEN - We Go Dey Hail Your Name All The Way | Download MP3

    Frank Edwards - Even If The Sky Is Falling | Download MP3

    Sinach - Way Maker –Download MP3

    Joe Praize - Mighty God – Download MP3

    Nathaniel Bassey - Someone’s At The Door – Download Mp3

    Buchi- Mma Mma - Download MP3

    Sinach - I Know Who I Am –Download Mp3


    Frank Edwards - Mma Mma – Download Mp3

    Nathaniel Bassey – No Other God - Download Mp3

    Frank Edwards – Okaka – Download MP3

    Sinach - Great are you lord – Download Mp3

    MC: The Definition feat: Tshiamo, Şe, Lamech Achaz, Protek, Sam Jamz, TruSouthKing, Kelly Lyon, Carl Tone - Download MP3

    My Love Note by Jay Shady and Regina– Download mp3

    It's Done - Chinyere Udoma – Download MP3 

      Download Best IGBO, Yourba Christian Gospel Music
      Nigerian Unlimited Praise Worship Songs - 2016 - Download 

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