How to Calculate Your 2017/2018 Admission Status with JAMB Point Based System

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The JAMB point system is the new system in which Nigerian Universities and all tertiary institutions in the country would use to grant provisional admission to successful UTME candidates, after which they will then be invited for screening. Therefore candidate who are seeking admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria are advised to carefully study the new point systems carefully as this new system is being used to replace Post UTME screening exercise.

The New JAMB Point System is calculated using the candidates O'level result and UTME score.

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JAMB Point For O'level:
The JAMB point for 1 sitting is 10
While The JAMB point for 2 sitting is 2
This means candidates who passed their WAEC or NECO once without combining results have 10points and also have a better chance of admission.

JAMB Point for O'level Grades
A (A1) = 6 marks,
B (B1, B2, B3) = 4 marks
C (C4, C5, C6) = 3 marks

The final criteria is your UTME score. The scores are divided into ranges and each ranges are assigned with points that will be using to offer admission. The ranges are;
180 – 185 --------20 Points
186 – 190--------21points
191 -195---------22points
196 – 200--------23points
201 – 205--------24points
206 – 210--------25 Points
211 – 215--------26 Points
216 -220---------27 Points
221 -225--------28 Points
226 -23----------29 Points
231 -23----------30 Points
236 – 240--------31 Points
241 – ---------32 Points
246 -25----------33 Points
251 -300---- (34- 43points)
300 -40-------(44 – 60 Points)

Also note that each ranges category contains five JAMB results per point. For example a candidate with 180-185 gets 20 points, while a candidate with 186-190 gets 21points.

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According to JAMB, candidate who are offer provisional admission and are invited for screening will still have to pay for the screening exercise that will hold in their various institutions. 

For Example
Adamu Obinna Olawale Scored 242 in UTME = 32 Points
He Applies For Electrical Engineering
He Presents Only One WAEC Result=10 Points
He Has 1A, 2B And 2C In The Necessary Subjects. 1 A: 1 X 6 = 6points
2 B: 2 X 4 = 8points
2 C: 2 X 3 = 6points
His Total Points = 32+10+6+8+6 =62 Points
He Will Now Await The School To Release The Cut Off Point For

His Course.

Candidates will then be invited for a screening exercise which will NOT require and POST-UME test in any form whether written (PPT), oral or electronical (CBT). However, the candidate is required to come along with his/her WAEC, NECO or NBTE SSCE or Advance Level result as this will be used for verification and clearance.

In this result you are expected to have 5 Credits, comprising of Math, English and any other subject that is related to your course of study.

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(1) O' Level screening: add up your 5 O' level subjects either WAEC or NECO

A1 = 12mk, B2 = 10mks, B3 = 8mks, C4 = 6mks, C5 = 4mks and C6 = 2mks.

The total from your Waec/Neco multiplied by 0.75.

(2) No of result sittings: 1sitting = 5marks and 2sittings = 0 mark.

(3) Now divide your Jamb score by 8.

(4) Then Add up the marks together to get your final score.

It is emphasises on..... Waec 45%, jamb 50%, and 1 sitting 5%...


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