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PGR Funds is a new donation exchange platform which began in February 2017. The platform is still new but they have been lots of testimonies from members.

PGRfunds.com offers investors 100% profit in 3 - 5 working days. PGR Funds is targeted mainly at Nigerians which is why it uses local bank transfer as it payment option.

How does PGR Funds work?
Just like other donation platform, after registration, the system pairs you to deposit a certain amount of money to a PGR Funds participant. Then in return other members with donation to you.

The minimum investment in PGRFunds.com is N10,000, which means your profit will be N20,000. After a success transaction and you can decide to cash out or invest again. Its quite simple.

How can I register on PGRFunds.com
To begin visit the website on PGRFunds.com and sign up by creating a username and password. Click Here to begin

After this, you can now make a donation. Please note that you must contact the receiver before making payments to avoid issues. This is because the receiver must confirm the payment before the system can recognize the transaction as a successful payment.

Good luck!


  1. Somebody help me my account is suspended for spring cash,is more than three weeks since I register it.

  2. Pls someone should tell me, is there any other website to login to spring cash? Cos there website are not oponnig. Is going to 3weeks now that I register and up till now they haven't paid me yet

  3. I have paid a participant since January 10th but have not been matched till now.And even the site is not opening.

  4. same thing here.mine is up to a month i paid. the site isnt opening again


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