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About 5hourpay.com and How to Register and Account

Hello have you heard of 5hourpay a new online donation platform. According to reports, this site has been paying participant really fast. The platform has many plans ranging from 10 - 100k. and can double your investments in a days.

5hourpay Nigeria also offers N2000 per referral and promises investors a mouth-watering offer. for more information on Wexpress and how it work Click Here

About royalty pays
Global Mutual Aid( GMA )Funds, it is another online donations platform similar to MMM Nigeria, Zarfund, Ultimate Cycler and other schemes, However royalty paysis unique because it offer a 100% return on investment (ROI) in just 20days or less. royalty pays also offers bonus when you register and also when you invite a friend.

How can I Register on Royalty Pays Account.
To begin visit website on royalty pays and complete the registration.

How can I login to my 5hourpay Personal Office.
To login to your GMA fund account visit gmafunds.com/office

How to Provide Help on Poshalert
The platform is easy to understand as use. Click on Provide Help and enter the amount which you want to invest with. - To register click here

Can I invest using Naira on www.poshalert.com
No!, You cannot PH or GH with Naira. www.poshalert.com only accepts naira.

How long will it take to Provide Help (PH) on 5hourpay
After registration, you can now PH. It will take up to 48 hours before you can be match with a member.

How long does it take to Get Help (GH) on 5hourpay
It may take 48 hours or less before the system will pair you with a member who will pay you.

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