Configure Airtel 2G to Browse with 3G Network Speed on Phone & PC - NO Root

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Many people aren't happy about the Airtel 2GB and 4GB internet data plan that only restricts them to a 2G network because this is can be very slow most times and slow network is as good as no internet connection. But with the help of a Protect VPN, Script manager, turbo changer script, speed optimizer and root access and so on. We can now bypass this restriction and Use our airtel 2G network data plan to browse on a 3G network.

Most people say some of those apps are not working, but I doubt if it has stopped working because I’m currently making use of protect VPN now and it works perfectly with rooting my android smartphone.

To use your Airtel 2G on 3G Network with ROOT
  • Simply download Protect Free VPN+ Data Manger on google playstore
  • After successful installation, kindly launch the app.
  • Make sure your network mode is in 2G only before opening the vpn.
  • Now, browse a page using the 2G Network, then open your VPN and ON it.
  • Now, change your network mode to 3G and start browsing with full speed. 




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