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Hello, I want to introduce you to some High yield investment program (HYIP) that are currently trending in Nigeria. Before I begin to review these Ponzi scheme, I will like to advice that you invest wisely because this is a very risky business.

How it works and How to Register – Quick Naira is a mutual funding platform. No Referrals is Needed in Quick Naira. This platform offers investors 100% of their donation within 14 days or less. There are 5 investment plans in Quick Naira;
I. Basic: Donate N10,000 - Receive N20,000
II. Bronze: Donate N25,000 - Receive N50,000
III. Silver: Donate N50,000 - Receive N100,000
IV. Gold: Donate N100,000 - Receive N200,000
V. Business: Donate N200,000 - Receive N400,000
To register – Click Here

How it works and How to Register - Naracle is a donation exchange platform that pays three times (3x) your investment in 2 -14 days. The site has various investment plans and is categorized into;

Lower Class
i. Donate N5,000 get N15,000
ii. Donate N10,000 get N30,000
iii. Donate N20,000 get N60,000

Middle Class
i. Donate N50,000 get N150,000
ii. Donate N100,000 get N300,000
iii. Donate N200,000 get N600,000

VIP Class
i. Donate N500,000 get N1,500,000
ii. Donate N1,000,000 get N3,000,000

To register on – Click Here

3. CashPipe
How it works and How to Register – is a website that offers investors 100% interest when the provide help. CashPipe uses a 2:1 Matrix and automatically assigns members to pay you when eligible. Members also get referral bonuses. To Register on website and see a list of available investment plans – Click Here

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  1. You are not reviewing. You are advertising scam site. You are not protecting the public's interest. How much were you paid to advertise them? Do you know what review means?


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