Doctors Housemanship Salary Structure in Nigeria

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Many have frequency asked “how much do doctors doing housemanship earn per month”, before I look into this, lets review the significance of housemanship in Nigeria.
Housemanship or Internship is the first point of call for a Medical graduate as a pre-registration employment for 1 year before full registration is given to practice as a medical practitioner. 

This 1 year employment is mandatory and a Medical Doctor is supposed to do it within 2 years of graduation or his license will be revoked until he writes another exam which is set by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
According to the information I obtained from several sources, the salary structure of medical doctor doing housemanship may vary depending on the location and the hospital.
Below are the salary structure of Nigerian Doctors on Housemanship;
Physician dentist - N170,000 – 180,000
Pharmacist - N140,000- N145,000
Physiotherapist - N140,000 -N145,000
Med lab - N120,000

Are a doctor currently on housemanship?, Kindly share your opinion on the salary structure.



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